Lindridge St Lawrence CE Primary School
Discovering life in all its fullness
Hesed, Hamdah, Honesty, Horizons
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Special Educational Needs & Disability (SEND)

Our House System


At Lindridge St Lawrence Primary School our school vision is ‘Discovering life in all its fullness, which means making the most of every opportunity and trying our very best to get the most out of life.

Our Values Hesed – loving kindness, Hamdah – Praise, Honesty and Horizons guide us to be kind members for the school community, whom recognise the good in others, the world and God, and who are true to themselves and others whilst working hard to reach our potential, understanding we all have a part to play in today’s world.

Our Behaviour Principles, Ready, Respectful and Safe guide us in our behaviours and remind us of the importance of being ready to learn, being respectful to others and our environment and how to keep ourselves and others safe.

To encourage us to use our values and principles in our everyday lives we are rewarded for showing them and being positive members of the school community.

Dojo points are given for showing we are Ready, Respectful and Safe and for showing the Lindridge Values. At the end of each half term the Dojo points are added together and the house who receives the most Dojo Points get to put their house colours on the Ready, Respectful or Safe cup.

We have three houses; Hops, Apples and Mistletoe. The names of the houses were decided by a whole school competition in 2019 and then they were voted on and chosen as they are the names of three local annual festivals.

The winning house of the’ Lindridge Values Cup’ each half term also get to put their house colours on the cup and in addition every pupil in the house gets to collectively choose a house treat. This may be a movie afternoon, a trip to forest school, a non-uniform day or tea and cake.

We also complete inter school competitions, quizzes and activities in our houses which gives us a wonderful opportunity to interact with other members of the school community. All the adults in school also belong to a house, and siblings are in the same house as each other too.